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BRUSSELS — The European Union’s executive arm Friday proposed sacrificing even more climate and environmental measures in the bloc’s latest set of concessions to farmers apparently bent on continuing disruptive tractor protests until the June EU elections. Angering environmentalists across the 27 nations, the Commission proposed to further loosen rules imposed on agriculture that they said, […]

Record hot seawater killed more than three-quarters of human-cultivated coral that scientists had placed in the Florida Keys in recent years in an effort to prop up a threatened species that’s highly vulnerable to climate change, researchers discovered. Researchers from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration this week returned to five reefs where they planted […]

NEW DELHI — Prashant Kalra relocated to the western coastal city Goa five years ago because the dirty air in the Indian capital and surrounding towns was making his three-year-old daughter sick. “Our daughter could not breathe in Delhi-NCR,” said Kalra, who lived in Gurugram, a city adjacent to New Delhi. “She needed a nebulizer every […]

LONDON — A group of 27 investors that own around 5% of Shell’s shares has co-filed an independent resolution urging the energy company to set tighter climate targets, the biggest such drive to date. The resolution, led by the activist shareholder organization Follow This, will be brought to a vote at Shell’s annual general meeting later […]

BILLINGS, MONT. — Since passage of the Endangered Species Act 50 years ago, more than 1,700 plants, mammals, fish, insects and other species in the U.S. have been listed as threatened or endangered with extinction. Yet federal government data reveals striking disparities in how much money is allocated to save various biological kingdoms. Of the roughly […]

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA — When a toilet is flushed in California, the water can end up in a lot of places: an ice skating rink in Ontario, ski slopes around Lake Tahoe, farmland in the Central Valley. And — coming soon — kitchen faucets. California regulators on Tuesday approved new rules to let water agencies recycle wastewater […]

MEXICO CITY — Guatemala violated Indigenous rights by permitting a huge nickel mine on tribal land almost two decades ago, according to a ruling from the Inter-American Court of Human Rights on Friday. The landmark verdict marks a monumental step in a four-decade struggle for Indigenous land rights and a long, bitter legal battle, which has […]

EL BOSQUE, MEXICO — People moved to El Bosque on the Gulf of Mexico in the 1980s to fish and build a community. Then climate change set the sea against the town. Flooding, driven by rapid sea-level rise and increasingly brutal winter storms, has all but destroyed El Bosque, leaving twisted piles of concrete where houses […]

EL ALTO, BOLIVIA — When they first started climbing the Andes peaks, they could hear the ice crunching under their crampons. These days, it’s the sound of melted water running beneath their feet that they mostly listen to as they make their ascents. Dressed in colorful, multilayered skirts, a group of 20 Indigenous Bolivian women — […]

LONDON — One of the world’s largest icebergs is drifting beyond Antarctic waters after being grounded for more than three decades, according to the British Antarctic Survey. The iceberg, known as A23a, split from the Antarctic’s Filchner Ice Shelf in 1986. But it became stuck to the ocean floor and had remained for many years in […]