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Current show

Standard Rotation

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Streets Of NY

Presented by Dj Dennis & Dj Frankie

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Wednesday 8:00 pm 12:00 am

Hang out, enjoy the city and relax.

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Electronica is one of the few genres to be accepted by today’s society. Every age participates in electronic music, from much older generations to younger generations. It’s especially important for teenagers and young adults in today’s generation.

Electronic music is a genre of music that employs electronic musical instruments, digital instruments, or circuitry-based music technology in its creation. It includes both music made using electronic and electromechanical means (electroacoustic music). Pure electronic instruments depended entirely on circuitry-based sound generation.

During the 1960s, digital computer music was pioneered, innovation in live electronics took place, and Japanese electronic musical instruments began to influence the music industry. In the early 1970s, Moog synthesizers and Japanese drum machines helped popularize synthesized electronic music. The 1970s also saw electronic music begin to have a significant influence on popular music, with the adoption of polyphonic synthesizers, electronic drums, drum machines, and turntables, through the emergence of genres such as disco, krautrock, new wave, synth-pop, hip hop, and EDM. In the early 1980s mass-produced digital synthesizers,

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