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Anna Nadzion releases her debut EP ‘Knock-Knock’

Written by on March 15, 2024

After several years of releasing single songs, Anna Nadzion is finally ready to show the world her debut EP “Knock-Knock”. According to the singer herself, this will be a very significant step for her career.

Anna Nadzion is a Ukrainian singer-songwriter based in Barcelona. The genre of her music is described as: “Blue scary tales, as if Tim Burton wrote pop songs”. Skillfully combining jazz vocals, mystical melodies and folk motifs, Anna Nadzion can be slightly compared to performers such as Björk, Billie Eilish or Hindi Zahra.

During her first year in Barcelona, Anna managed to conquer the local scene and prepare her debut EP, which is already released and includes 6 songs. The album is filled with synths, groove, charming harmonies and intimate themes. It’s safe to say that we will hear the singer in a completely new way.

The first song of the album is called “BCN” in which Anna describes Barcelona as a powerful girl. “I was on the bus, looking through the window at the beautiful majestic streets filled with dreamers with sparkling eyes. And suddenly, out of the blue, one word began to spin in my head: Bar-ce-lo-na, Ber-ce-lo-na… and so on, and so on. That very moment the chorus of this song was born, after which I firmly decided to create this EP.”

After 2 months of hard work and experiments, 6 songs were ready to be released.

“For weeks I couldn’t come up with a title for this album, but then it suddenly dawned on me. Knock-Knock! So simple and meaningful. Imagine that you’re sleeping, having deep dreams and suddenly someone knocks on your door. This is exactly the feeling that I want to carry through these songs. You’re curious, scared, but it feels nice for some reason!”

Another interesting fact is that Anna writes, records and produces all her music herself as well as creates music videos, collaborating with the photographer Alexandra Yermakova. This is not the only collaboration we are waiting for. The new album will feature a song written together with her friend, musician and music producer Da Fabi.

‘Knock-Knock’ EP is immersing us in the world of Anna Nadzion, full of mystery and power. All music platforms.

‘Knock-Knock’ EP tracklist:
1. BCN
2. Obligation
3. In the Middle of the Night
4. Split
5. Not Enough
6. Baba


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