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Billie Eilish dedicates Never Felt So Alone to Angus Cloud

Written by on August 5, 2023

Billie Eilish dedicated her performance of ‘Never Felt So Alone’ to Angus Cloud at Lollapalooza.

Just days after Cloud passed away at his home in Oakland at the age of 25, Billie took to the stage at Lollapalooza, Chicago, where she performed the popular track from Cloud’s TV show ‘Euphoria’.

After finishing the song, Billie said: “RIP to Angus Cloud, everybody”.

21-year-old Billie’s performance came after Cloud’s co-star Dominic Fike also paid tribute to the late actor during a show at Houston’s 713 Music Hall.

The musician and actor said: “I guess I lost a friend of mine recently. He died the other night, which is wild to say because I don’t deal with grief often. I haven’t had a lot of death happen around me, and this was the first time I feel like I knew the person well enough to cry over and feel something. It was weird.

“I was on my way to get a massage, which sounds so f****** stupid, at the time, and I got this call. And it f***** me up, obviously. I still got the massage. I felt really stupid. He probably would’ve been like, ‘Yeah, go ahead,’ you know? Even this tonight, I was sitting in the green room, and it felt… You know when things just feel trivial? You feel really small, and the timeline gets sort of stretched out.

“I sometimes look at people like sparks. I zoom out, and I think people have wavelengths. If you zoom out far enough, you see some people — probably not a lot of us at all — but I think if you zoomed out millions of miles, you would see this kid’s spark. You could see it from so far away, even if it was a short flash. He would light up a room, any room he walked in. He’s a f****** good dude. I felt stupid coming out here. Like, this is so stupid, doing a show and being happy. But he would’ve wanted me to do that. He would’ve been like, ‘No, do the show, have fun’.”

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