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Jennifer Lawrence ‘could not stop giggling’ after No Hard Feelings scene

Written by on July 2, 2023

Jennifer Lawrence “could not stop giggling” when she got home from filming a scene in No Hard Feelings.

In the new raunchy comedy, The Hunger Games actress plays Maddie, a woman who agrees to date a nerdy 19-year-old named Percy in exchange for a car, and in one scene, Maddie tracks Percy down in the bedroom of a high school house party.

“The premise itself made us giggle every day. When we shot the scene where I kicked the door down and said, ‘Did you f**k him? Did you f**k him?’ – I came home and my husband was sleeping, and I got in bed and could not stop giggling,” Jennifer told Cameron Diaz in a chat for Interview magazine.

The 32-year-old, who also produced the movie, noted that there were so many hilarious versions of each scene that the team struggled to pick which one should go in the finished film.

“(Director/co-writer Gene Stupnitsky) was the head writer on The Office, so his alts – that’s alternates, for those reading – were killer,” she praised. “Every scene, he’d give me an alt that would knock the wind out of me. I was in the edit (recently), and it’s impossible to choose. He’s a fountain of hilarity.”

The Oscar-winning actress explained that she has wanted to do a comedy for years but no script had made her laugh quite like No Hard Feelings.

“I’ve always wanted to do comedy and I’ve been asked a million times. I was never against it, but you’ve seen the movies that come out. I don’t want to name anything specifically, but there hasn’t been anything that funny,” she shared. “I’d read these comedies and nothing made me laugh out loud or really moved me. Then I read this script, and I had never read anything so funny.”

No Hard Feelings is in cinemas now.

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