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Louis Tomlinson won’t be upset if he doesn’t get radio play

Written by on September 18, 2022

Louis Tomlinson insisted it “won’t be the end” if his new songs don’t get played on the radio.

The former One Direction singer has been left perplexed that the exposure his songs receive don’t reflect his huge fan base but he’s not too concerned if the tracks from his upcoming LP ‘Faith in the Future’ isn’t a “commercial success” so long as he can keep touring and connecting with people that way.

He said: “Obviously my experience in One Direction is the pinnacle. We got played on radio all the time but my last album didn’t. Not really.

“To be fair, there wasn’t really a song that would fit that well on radio. But what I find interesting is that I’m lucky enough to have the ability to tour globally, but I might not get the support I need on radio. That feels like a slight contradiction to me.”.

Of his new album, he added: “Listen, I would love some commercial success on this record, don’t get me wrong.

“Will it get played on radio? I have no idea. But if it doesn’t it won’t be the end…

“I love my tour bus, I love my fans, I love travelling the world.”

While some artists struggle with life on the road, it’s something which Louis embraces and the 30-year-old singer believes the key to being comfortable with spending months away from home is to avoid hotel rooms and sleep on the tour bus.

He told the BBC: “Eventually, you lose the feeling of home [in a hotel].

“I’m not one of those people who demands a master bedroom at the back of the bus.

“As if I’m going to climb into my double bed and say goodnight to the band as they crawl into tiny bunks. No.

“My bunk is like all of the others. And it’s the best night’s sleep you can get. Once you’ve shut that curtain and all the lights are off, it’s pitch black and the noise of the engine just lulls you to sleep. It’s dead nice, man.”


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