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Mia Goth tells how ‘trust’ let her embrace wild side in shock new flick

Written by on April 2, 2023

Mia Goth trusted ‘Infinity Pool’ director Brandon Cronenberg so much on set she had no problem showing her wild side for the nightmarish sex and violence-packed film.

The 29-year-old ‘Nymphomaniac’ actress, who plays temptress Gabi alongside Alexander Skarsgard in the new film, added Brandon – son of Canadian horror director David – made the set so welcoming she found it easy to throw off any inhibitions required for the part.

She told Hey U Guys when asked if she had to use any techniques to brace herself for filming its shock scenes: “I think trust is everything in making a movie generally, and especially in this kind of movie, when you are required to go to really vulnerable places, and that was something established with me.

“I’d seen (Brandon’s) previous movies and I knew he was an incredibly capable director, so that came naturally to me and because I was able to trust him to that level.

“I felt protected, and I just felt… it wasn’t something I had to grapple with in any way to be honest with you.”

Mia also said she was happy to be “vulnerable” as she found working on the film so “fulfilling”.

She added: “The work on set was incredibly fulfilling and because I felt so satisfied with the work… I was able to let it go at the end of the day.

“It is more difficult when it feels like we’re not hitting the scenes the way I want to be.. but when it feels like we were achieving what we set out to do, it’s thrilling.”

Mia added she decided to sign on to ‘Infinity Pool’ just by reading a memo and treatment on the film that was emailed to her.

She also hailed Brandon “an actors’ director” as he “gives you a lot of space to do as you please” while setting “a parameter that is necessary” for characters to exist within.

‘Infinity Pool’ sees Alexander’s married writer character James seduced by Mia’s Gabi, before he is plunged into a futuristic nightmare after he kills a local man in a car accident before being offered the chance to be cloned so his double can be killed in his place as punishment.

Film critic Mark Kermode said in The Observer about Mia’s performance: “Whether she’s slyly enticing James to follow his own ego into her arms or screaming like an avenging angel from the bonnet of an open-topped car, her ability to shift from the understated to the unhinged is breathtaking… it’s Goth who provides the real fireworks.”

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