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Succession: It’s no wonder that Logan was always on at Roman for being “fruity”.

Written by on May 25, 2023

Succession is fuelled by hate. We love to hate these characters and they love to hate each other. But amongst all the backstabbing and meme-able take-downs, the person each member of the Roy family hates most is themselves.

Deep down, all four children know they’ll never match up to their father’s legacy, no matter how much they might try and believe otherwise. Combine this self loathing and constant need for approval with an overriding fear of intimacy, and you’ve got yourself a show where every character is deeply repressed and unable to let down their walls, even for a second.

It’s no wonder then that openly queer characters are almost non-existent in Succession, especially within an elitist conservative environment like Waystar Royco. But there be gays in Waystar nonetheless. It’s basic maths!

In fact, there’s an argument to be had for most of these characters being at least a little bit queer. From Kendall’s sad “babygirl” energy and Shiv’s desire for a bisexual three-way to whatever’s going on with Tom and Greg, Succession isn’t quite as straight as it might seem on the face of it.

You can’t tell us the “Disgusting Brothers” haven’t considered doing disgusting stuff with each other at least once at one point or another.

Writer Georgia Pritchett fuelled this more in a recent chat on the Homo Sapiens podcast where she revealed there were once plans for Greg to be gay. Pritchett went on to suggest that the Roy children in particular, move “in a circle where I think anything goes” before going on to say that Roman Roy “feels a bit fluid and pan”.

“I don’t think he’d hold back if he fancied doing something,” she added. “He wouldn’t hold back.”

And that certainly does ring true. From his sadomasochistic relationship with Gerri to that time he asked Tabitha to play dead during sex, Roman isn’t exactly straightforward when it comes to sex. And he’s not entirely straight either, it seems.

Who can forget that gym training session all the way back in season one? Ok, sure, it’s normal to get a bit physical with your physical trainer, and who hasn’t grunted a bit when a man pins you down to the ground? But the way Roman seems so desperate to impress his trainer while submitting to him physically echoes the power-play kinks we later see him enjoy with women.

Yeah, it’s just really gay. But don’t take our word for it. Watch below for a steamy refresher.

It’s no wonder that Logan was always on at Roman for being “fruity”.

But that’s not all. May we present Exhibit B, where Roman and Jeryd Mencken got into bed with each other, so to speak, during negotiations in the bathroom.

This alliance has since come to fruition in season four’s already-classic election episode when Roman essentially secured Mencken the presidency, but let’s not forget the homoeroticism that got us here.

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